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      "There, there; you're a tender-hearted soul, I know. It grieved me so not to go and see you when you were ill; and not to pay attention to your baby. Such a sweet little fellow, too. I've given him many a kiss on the sly when I've met him and his nurse in the lanes. I suppose Mr. Crowther and the colonel don't hitch their horses very well together. That's at the bottom of it all, no doubt. But as for you and me, Isola, I hope we shall always be good friends."

      They all lived in the garden in that happy summer season, as they had done the year before, when Allegra first came among them. It was in the garden they received their visitors, and it was there that Mr. Colfox came at least thrice a week, upon the flimsiest pretexts of parish business, to drink tea poured out for him by Allegra's helpful hands, while Isola sat quietly by, listening to their talk, and watching every change in her child's face; from smiles to frowns, from slumber to waking.The way in which the word was spoken almost awed him.

      "I have heard that he lived in a bad set after he left the University?"Its for youfor you! said Esmeralda. Pick it up!

      Bergan meditated. Though he had long known that his uncle's habits would be likely to bring him, sooner or later, to a drunkard's most miserable end, he could not but think it somewhat suspicious that the seizure should have followed so closely upon the completion of the fraudulent will.

      A long, lonely winter to look forward toa winter like the lastwith her books and drawing-board, and her cottage piano, and the cat and the fox-terrier, and Tabitha for her daily companions. There were a few neighbours within a radius of half a dozen miles, who had been very civil to her; who called upon her, say once in six weeks; who sometimes invited her to a stately dinner-party, and sometimes at a suspiciously short notice, which made her feel she was wanted to fill a gap; who made her free of their tennis lawns; and who talked to her on Sundays after church, and were always very particular in inquiring for news from India. There was not one among them for whom she cared; not one to whom she would have liked to pour out her thoughts about Keats or Shelley, or to whom she would have confided her opinion of Byron. She was more interested in Bulwer's "Audley Egerton" than in any of those flesh and blood neighbours. She was happier sitting by her chimney corner with a novel than in the best society available within a drive of Trelasco."Debrett will answer that question better than I can. I have never reckoned the years that have gone by since I saw him in an Eton collar."

      Yes! said Mr. Helby, eagerly; and it would be so easy. His lordship could marry wherever he pleased! Do you think, anxiously, he could be persuaded to do it?"Then I shall not go," she exclaimed. "Do you think me one of the incapable young women of the old schoolunable to earn a sixpence, and wanting to be paid for and taken care of like a child? I would have you to know, sir, that I am one of the young women of the new school, who travel third-class, ride on the tops of omnibuses, and earn their own living."


      She called to him from the window, and he came tramping across the sodden grass and put three letters into her outstretched hand."Perhaps I may get a little hunting by-and-by, when my husband comes home."


      But it is not settled, said Esmeralda. It is all undecided. I only said II would think it over.When is the wedding to be? asked Ada, as they promenaded.