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      [67]Trafford went out into the darkness, feeling like a man who had been smitten by a mortal illness. His brain was in a[192] whirl; the whole thing seemed like a hideous nightmare. He did not ask himself how Esmeralda had discovered the truth; it never occurred to him that she might have overheard Lady Adas wild words; he thought that, perhaps, some fool of a woman had been talking to her, and opening her eyes.

      Yes, I think so, said Esmeralda, slowly, and with her usual startling candor. Lady Ada looked at her.

      Lady Wyndover clapped her hands softly.

      Anna laughed with the rest, but remembered three separate balls to which, though counted on, he had not come, she uninformed that military exigencies had at the last moment curtly waved him off, and he unaware that these exigencies had been created by Irby under inspiration from the daintiest and least self-assertive tactician in or about New Orleans.


      She looked at her hand."Blown up! Blown up with that poor old man in the powder-mill! Ah, what do we know about money, Captain Kincaid, we silly women? That poor, innocent child, she lent it to the old gentleman. His theories, they were so convincing, and she, she was so ambitious to do a great patriotic service. 'Twas to make wonders for the powder and gun, and to be return' in three days. But that next day 'twas Sunday, and whiles I was kneeling in the church the powder, the gun, the old man and the money--"




      And you care for him so much? she said.I, too, suffer! she said, turning away her head. Only hide the truth, and let people think that there is no trouble.