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      Very near this convent lived the sister of her father, the Marquise de Sercey, and her family, with whom she spent much of her time.

      No, she said. Last week he sent up to town for a suite of pearlsit was my birthday; and I havent thanked you yet, Trafford, for my beautiful bracelet. See, I have it on. Didnt you notice it? Let me give you a kiss for it! It was a magnificent suite; they must have costoh! I cant tell how muchand I had to send them back, and make some excuse to the jewelers."The dead child!" she cried. "Why do you show me that dead child? Don't you see his throat streaming with blood?"

      He shook his head.I have just come from Belfayre, Ada, he said, going straight at his hard task, just as he always rode straight at the stiffest timber. I have something to say to you.

      You have courage of all kinds, he said. To look tired is one of the unpardonable sins. Will you give me this next dance?

      "It is the most picturesque room I ever saw. And what a multitude of books!" exclaimed Isola.


      Adrienne had brought Pauline a copy of their mothers will, and, not being an emigre, had taken possession of the castle and estate of Lagrange, left to herself. She only spent a short time at Altona, and started for Austria.


      "She wanted rest. She was too old for service, she told me. I tried to keep her. I humiliated myself so far as to beg her to stay with me"the tears came into her eyes at the mere memory of that humiliation"but she had made up her mind. She would not give way."