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      She moved down to the gate and leaned over it, while her eyes roved the twilight unseeing. The voice on the Moor swelled clearer. It was a man's voice, low-pitched and musical:Very soon her hands were full of them, and she tied her handkerchief round their juicy stems.

      "The monk," replied Calverley, "was not ignorant of my lord's will: and it vexes me, not on my own account, for it was merely a passing fancy; but it vexes me, that this proud, stubborn, priest, while he is eating of your bread, and drinking of your cup, should, in the teeth of your commands, do that which I could swear no other priest would have dared to do; it ill becomes him to preach obedience who"

      "Do not fly me, Margaret. I cannot harm youI never could have harmed you.Do you not know me?"

      She could still hear that call, muted, tender, wildthe voice of her youth and of her love, calling to her out of the velvet night, bidding her leave the house where the hearth was piled with ashes, and feel the rain and the south wind on her lips. There was no escape in sleep, for her dreams showed her that window framing a sky soft and dark as a grape, with the blackness of her lover's bulk against it, while the moon rose over his shoulder, red, like a fiery pan....

      "Thomas Calverley," continued she, in a loud calm voice, "produce your warrant!"

      The parchment being handed to Calverley, he instantly recognized the hand, and, in answer to De Boteler's question, replied

      "Look here" cried George Fleet, and his two friends began to bid for mercy, starting with twenty pounds.But she wont talk and cryandand not understand? asked Alice.


      "My lord baron," said Sudbury, sternly, "it is not well that a man of your experience should speak thus. Give not your countenance to an act that may yet lie heavy upon your soul!" Richard's cheek kindled as the baron stood rebuked; and with the generous indignation of youth, he said, in a tone of evident displeasure


      "Well, she'll have you both in the end, anyhow."


      "Rose!" cried Caro.If I thought Silverdale had the slightest intention of marrying Alice, he said, I shouldnt mind how much he pawed her. But I dont believe he has. Ive a good mind to ask him.