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      In a few minutes Shorty returned, with jubilation in his face, the canvas in one hand and a nice frying-pan and a canteen of molasses in the other.

      I guess youd been prowd if you could have seen me. To-nightThen he went to the sutleror "skinner," as he was better knownand paid 10 cents for a sheet of paper and an envelope, on which were the cheerful words, "It is sweet to die for one's country!" and 10 cents more for a 3-cent postage stamp. He borrowed a leadpencil, hunted up a piece of crackerbox, and sat down to his work by the flickering light of the fire. Si wrote:

      "If that's the 'Squire," said Shorty, in a low whisper, without turning his head, "we'll grab our guns and fight to the death. We may clean out this gang."



      'let Yer Nails Grow; Ye'll Need 'em' 097


      "Will you swear it?" axed the Sergeant.