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      Felipa shook her head at Ellton. "Don't get yourself excited about it, Jack dear," she soothed, and Ellton also tried to quiet him.

      He changed his position leisurely, stretching out at full length and resting his head on his hand by way of gaining time. Then he told her that it was not until after he had caught and landed her husband that he had discovered that Stone was in it.

      "Open it and see who it's from," said Si.

      "Did you see a star?"

      When the hangar was first haunted, and we found chewing gum that the ghost had put there, as we thought, he told an interested trio, none of us could work out any answer to the puzzle.

      So did Sandy.

      Dick clung. He heard the aides coming in through the metal opening. He caught the pound of Sandys approaching shoes.



      "Mustn't talk in ranks, boys," Shorty kindly admonished. "It's strictly agin' regulations. Straighten up, there, like soldiers, all o' you, and git into a line. Looks like a ram's horn now. If the rebels'd shoot down that line they wouldn't hit one o' you."


      The mere sight of Felipa on the buffalo robe before the fire, poring over the old history, exasperated Brewster. "That book again?" he said crossly, as he drew up a chair and held out his hands to the flames; "you must know it by heart."